Press Release - April 15, 2022

Retailers should Refuse to Sell Sports Illustrated's Swim Suit Issue, says Christian Action League of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN - Christian Action League of Minnesota ( is challenging retailers who have sold Sports Illustrated's Swim Suit Issue in the past to change their policy this year and refuse to profit from this pornographic magazine when it is released mid-May. ‚Äč

"Retailers should take the higher ground and reject SI's Swim Suit Issue's focus on women as one-dimensional. Young women who are scantily clad in sexually suggestive poses do nothing to promote women's athletic skills or advance their careers. Haven't we matured from the Bob Barker Beauty Pageant mentality?" said Ann Redding, President of Christian Action League of Minnesota. 

Christian Action League of Minnesota is asking consumers not to be silent in regard to this seasonal sexual exploitation. CAL of MN urges concerned citizens to speak to the manager of any store selling this degrading magazine. Let them know they have lost their business for as long as SI's Swim Suit Issue is on their shelves. 

Christian Action League of Minnesota