Christian Action League of Minnesota

"Glory belongs to God, whose power is at work in us." ~ Ephesians 3:20 

City Pages Letter Writing Campaign

Our letter writing campaign began six years ago, in 2011.   Its purpose is to educate Minnesota business owners about the link between City Pages and the increasing prevalence of pornography and "adult entertainment" businesses in our community.  City Pages began as an alternative tabloid but has morphed into the porn industry's best friend.  On a weekly basis, readers are bombarded with strip club, porn store and 'phone sex' ads. City Pages also features articles promoting the normalization of pornography in our society.  It is our hope that once contacted, ethical and family-friendly businesses will cease to advertise in or carry City Pages.

By reaching out to business owners through emails, postal mail and direct conversations, we shed light on the fact that partnering with City Pages is a poor business decision and leads to the degradation of human dignity.  Gratefully, our letter writing campaign has directly influenced dozens of Twin Cities businesses. They have ceased carrying City Pages on their property and many more have pledged not to advertise with them any longer.  It is our goal to cause City Pages to lose vital advertising revenue resulting in the tabloid going out of business.

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